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Loading Bay & Industrial Door Spare Parts

To minimise downtime, protect your investment, and maintain performance, it's important to have access to genuine spare parts for your industrial doors and loading bay equipment.  

Stertil Stokvis supply reliable replacement parts for dock shelters, dock levellers, vehicle restraints, and Thermadoors, in addition to technical support on spares selection and use.

  • Genuine spare parts
  • Minimise downtime
  • Reduce risk of accidents or injuries
  • Technical support
  • Extend equipment lifespans
  • Fast delivery

Search and find your part

Finding the correct part for your industrial door or loading bay is vital to keeping equipment operating at its peak. 
To do this, either request a spare part by filling in the Spare Parts Form or click on the relevant links below to access the spare parts list for each product. 

Spare parts form

Spare parts for Stertil door and dock equipment

Spare parts list for individual products

Click on the relevant links below to access the spare parts list for each product.

Rapid roller doors 

Dock shelters

Dock levellers

Vehicle restraints


Stertil Stokvis spare parts

Using Stertil Stokvis for your industrial door and loading bay equipment spare parts has many benefits:

Minimising Downtime with Reliable Replacements

Our spare parts are readily available for quick replacements, helping to minimise equipment downtime and ensure limited interruption to your operations.  

Cost Savings with Regular Maintenance  

As part of a maintenance package, our engineers can swiftly replace faulty parts during scheduled visits – pre-emptively tackling issues before they can escalate into costlier breakdowns and emergency repair costs.  

Equipment Longevity

Genuine spare parts maintain the performance and efficiency of your equipment, extending the lifespan of critical components and reducing wear and tear. The result: investment in industrial doors and loading bay equipment is protected, and equipment operates at peak performance throughout its lifecycle.  

Enhanced Safety and Compliance Standards

Stertil Stokvis spare parts ensure equipment operates safely for your employees and visitors, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries due to faulty or worn-out parts. Our genuine spare parts support your compliance with safety regulations and standards to prevent potential fines or penalties for non-compliance.   

Tailored Technical Support  

Our spare parts are fully compatible with equipment supplied by Stertil, ensuring optimal fit with your equipment. Our technical support team are on hand to make selection and use of spare parts seamless and pain-free. 

Reduce downtime and improve performance

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