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Service Records & Condition Reports

Service Records and Condition Reports are vital to managing warehouses and logistics centres, driven by factors such as new property acquisition, negotiations around lease agreements, recent natural disasters or accidents, routine maintenance, or preparing for audits or insurance. 

Whatever the reason, Stertil Stokvis has an expert team that will inspect, assess, and provide you with a clear report for a full picture of your loading bay's condition.

  • Improve equipment performance with detailed maintenance records.
  • Identify potential hazards for enhanced safety.
  • Prolong equipment lifespan by addressing issues early.
  • Easier budgeting and planning for future maintenance.
  • Quick access to service records during emergencies for faster repair turnarounds.

Manage equipment condition

Nobody likes unexpected surprises. Getting a Stertil Stokvis condition report and keeping active service records ensures you are fully aware of the status of your industrial doors and loading bay equipment and can make informed maintenance decisions.  


Industrial door emergency repair

Why get a Service Record or Condition Report

  • Improve loading bay equipment performance with detailed records of all service and maintenance activities to help you track the history of maintenance and repairs for improved equipment performance.  
  • Enhance safety by identifying potential hazards and enabling timely corrective actions to prevent accidents, while also helping you demonstrate adherence to safety regulations and standards. 
  • Prolong equipment lifespan: address issues early to avoid costly replacements and ensure your doors and loading bays remain reliable for years to come.  
  • Budget and plan for future repairs and upgrades. Service records provide you with strategic insights to aid in long-term planning, allowing for proactive measures to maintain equipment efficiency. 
  • Stay informed about the status of your equipment with clear documentation, helping you make informed decisions about upgrades or replacements. 
  • Be prepared for emergencies: service records are quickly available during emergencies to enable faster response times for your repairs, reducing downtime.

What to expect from Stertil Stokvis

Rely on our customer-focused team to deliver on-site inspections, assessments, reports and recommendation for all your service records and condition report needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you should expect. 

01. Scheduling of on-site maintenance visit.  

02. Thorough assessment of all aspects of equipment.    

03. Documentation of all findings with photos.    

04. Compilation of a clear report with recommendations.    

05. Report presented to your business.    

06. Ongoing support and maintenance services offered. 

Why customers choose us

Choose Stertil Stokvis for expert service records and condition reports, ensuring peak efficiency of your industrial doors and loading bay equipment. 
Our detailed reports offer insights for optimal performance, enhanced safety, and compliance assurance, providing peace of mind and helping you to avoid unexpected surprises.

Distribution centre with dock shelters, doors and vehicle restraints

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