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Inspection and Dilapidation Surveys

Stertil Stokvis’ inspection and dilapidation surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of your loading bay's condition, identifying any existing damages, wear and tear, and maintenance issues.  
Usually arranged at the start or end of lease, our surveys help tenants, landlords, or buyers understand the state of loading bay equipment, potential liabilities, and necessary repairs. 

  • Preserve loading bay equipment by identifying existing damage or deterioration.
  • Comply with lease requirements and loading bay upkeep.
  • Manage costs for necessary repairs or upgrades.
  • Reduce risks by identifying potential safety or residue hazards.

Preserve loading bay equipment

Inspections help identify any existing damage or deterioration with your loading bay equipment. That's why Stertil Stokvis is primed to help tenants and property owners manage warehouses and distribution centres with inspection and dilapidation surveys, providing a clear and concise assessment of your loading bay's condition. 


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Why get an inspection and dilapidation survey

  • Preserve loading bays with inspections that identify any existing damage or deterioration. 
  • Comply with lease agreements and meet obligations for equipment maintenance. We assist in meeting safety regulations and other standards to prevent potential fines or penalties for non-compliance.    
  • Ensure new tenants inherit loading bay equipment that's in good working condition before first use. 
  • Enhance equipment value: dilapidation reports ensure loading bay equipment remains in good visual condition and enhances the appeal for potential property buyers or lessees. 
  • Mitigate risk by identifying potential safety hazards and minimising the risk of accidents or injuries due to loading bay equipment neglect. Documentation of loading bay condition may help in the case of disputes.   
  • Enhance tenant satisfaction with dilapidation surveys that support responsive management of equipment for the prompt addressing of tenant concerns.  

What to expect from a dilapidation survey

01. Initial Consultation

You’ll tell us about your needs and loading bay equipment details, plus any specific concerns — and we’ll schedule a convenient time for the survey. 

02. On-Site Inspection 

A member of our experienced team will visit your warehouse or distribution centre to thoroughly examine the condition of your loading bay equipment. Detailed findings of existing damages, wear and tear, and maintenance issues are logged.  

03. Report Generation 

A comprehensive report details found problems, their severity, and potential impact. Recommendations for necessary repairs, maintenance, and improvements are included.  

04. Repair Options 

Stertil Stokvis’ customised repair solutions are tailored to your needs and budget. Detailed cost estimates for each recommended repair or maintenance task help you budget accurately. Priority repairs based on urgency and importance are also identified.  

05. Client Discussion 

Our experienced team of experts review the survey with you to explain the findings, repair options, and next steps, answering any questions you may have.  

06. Optional Repairs 

Stertil Stokvis skilled engineers get to work on your repairs. Every effort is made to minimise disruption to your operations with regular updates on repair progress.  

07. Final Inspection 

Post-repair inspections ensure all issues have been addressed satisfactorily, with customer walkthroughs providing a step-by-step guide to review the work undertaken.  

Why choose Stertil Stokvis

With Stertil Stokvis’ service, repair, and maintenance expertise, you have a reliable and trustworthy partner for your inspection and dilapidation needs. Our dilapidation surveys provide reliable solutions to you:

  • Skilled industry experts with extensive experience
  • Detailed reports with actionable recommendations
  • Expert repairs with minimal downtime
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